Preschool At Home


Preschool At Home

Loving your child like crazy and making sure she’s safe are some of the few absolutes we have in life as parents. When people all around are signing up their little ones for preschool, this doesn’t mean you need to do the same. Not all children need preschool. As long as you provide your child the right type of stimulation, you’ll be able to achieve a do-it-yourself preschool from home. One of the main things to keep in mind is, toddlers especially, are curious beings that are itching to discover how the world around them works. The best way to explore are with hands-on experiences that let’s your child have their senses stimulated.

Here are some ways to amp up your little one’s routine at home:

Little Jobs.

In preschool, your child would be designated little jobs like hanging her coat and book bag up, stowing her lunchbox in her cubby, and helping to put back her work when she’s done. These simple little responsibilities, help to give your little one instruction, boosts her independence, and gives her a sense of accomplishment.


Reading is extremely important and is beneficial when reading a lot. Head to the library after breakfast and look through the books there. No need to just read at bedtime, make it a point to fit reading in during the day. Your little one will love when it’s story time, and this could be good way to wind down before nap time.

Arts & Crafts.

Drawing and crafting are important tools to build fine-motor skills. It’s important to make crafts and art time a regular part of your preschool-at-home session. Get an easel and have your little one draw, paint, color and have a specific letter you study each day. You can also get a craft box and keep all the craft supplies inside so your little one can just grab and get to work.

Listen To Music.

Music has many benefits with one of the major benefits being boosting your child’s vocabulary. Turn on the music and have your child listen in on the different instruments in the background. Have her blow the recorder and strike the tambourine and see if she can keep the beat. Create a mommy and me jam with your toddler and see how excited she gets.

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