Pregnancy: Does it Necessarily Take Two?


Yes you saw the title correctly there is supposedly a new way that a woman doesn’t even need a man to make a baby.  Possibly another way in the choices of a single female who may want to have a child, but isn’t interested in forging a relationship with a man.  It’s a technique that is being called revolutionary, because it will now make a man not needed, so lesbians who are hoping to have a child of their own, who is also genetically the two females will be able to possibly have their dream come true.pregnant

The discovery came from Australia where it is believed they have found a new way that a woman’s egg will be able to be fertilized by using any other parts of a human body.  This means that cells from another woman’s body could possibly be used, and there will be no need for sperm, or father in some instances.


Women who are hoping to have a child could now take the egg from one of the partner’s while the other will contribute a cell that will be used to fertilize the egg.  This would mean that both of the women involved in the process are going to offer the genetic material needed to create life, and make them both “natural” parents.


Trials have been done at the Melbourne Monash University.  Mice were used and the trial was successful.  Though the cell to fertilize the egg was taken from that of a male.  The fact that the cell was not a sperm is what makes this such an exciting discovery.


The team of researchers is working on transferring the embryo into another mouse.  Once it’s born they are going to test it to see about the ability of the new mouse to reproduce and how it behaves.

Some aspects that still have to be considered before any humans will be able to try this process include certain gene switches that are in the body.  These imprints may turn off certain genes, thus producing problems in development.

With more research this one day may be something that will be tried by two females. Thus allowing them the same chances of making a family from both of their genes, it’s something that many females out there are hoping will one day come to fruition.  Until this day though the research is going good, and could soon show more advancements.




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