Pre-Birth Communication

pre-birthIs pre-birth communication possible? Many expectant mothers ask themselves, when does the connection between parent and child actually begin? Does this moment begin at conception or when the child is in the womb? Woman who have experiences with pre-birth communication reveal that they are in touch with their children before there is any physical touching.

Pre-birth communication, is any form of communication a person has with an unborn child. While many mothers experience pre-birth communication in a form of a dream, it can often come with experiencing thoughts in your inner-self, sometimes being just a conversation.

There have been many woman who have experienced pre-birth communication with their unborn child, each illustrating beautiful examples of their perceptions of pregnancy, and how they were able to tune in to the presence of their unborn soul. Even though adults might have trouble tuning in to the presence of unborn souls, children have no trouble. It’s quite common to see children at a young age already aware when a sibling is on the way without being told. If a mother experiences a miscarriage, children are often times, in-tune first, even before their mother as when a soul has departed.

Over the years, research shows that we can communicate with our children before birth and even before conception. The much evidence shows children come to us as conscious beings, with a purpose and a plan. There are many experiences of pre-birth communication, but come most often to mothers and mothers-to-be, but have been found in grandparents, adoptive parents and other family members. These depictions come in dreams and visions, as inner voices, or could be found as a hovering presence. Some people that are over-thinkers tend to overlook this as an unusual mood, or could strike as a sudden inspiration.

This view is no fantasy lacking research support, as it’s been proven that these two sources of consciousness exist. The first state of consciousness has to do with physiological development of fetal body, centering in the nervous system, and the other state appearing in a relatively independent of the body. The soul of a child and the one a mother is communicating with would be referred to as the “transcendent source.”

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