Parents Rejoice At This Must-Have App


Parent Co. is a new company launching this week you should probably start getting excited about. They’re backed by almost $2 million and poised to create digital products for modern parents. The company has already acquired Notabli, a private social-networking app whose debut product is a cache for your child’s photo, video, audio, memories as well as a timeline for their milestones and more. So essentially, a way to (finally!) save and securely share your child’s photos and videos outside of Facebook. I know I’m not the only parent who is hesitant about sharing my child’s images on unsecure media sites (although I may be more reticent than most—I’m probably more toward the Jolie-Pitt family on the privacy spectrum). Ten years ago, if a close friend or family member wanted to see pictures of your child’s birth or fifth birthday, they came and sat on your sofa while you looked at them together. Today people expect that you will publically post pictures of your children (frequently) and there haven’t emerged many cultural expectations or boundaries around this new technology despite the widely known safety issues. “As parents, we take thousands of photos and videos of our children’s moments, from the monumental to the mundane. They’re all worth saving. But social media isn’t the solution. Images are compressed. They’re hard to find and organize, and privacy is never certain. We think we can do better. Notabli is the simple and beautiful way to organize and privately share your children’s moments.”

Enter the easy-to-use, accessible-everywhere Notabli app. developed for parents, by parents. Notabli’s co-founders Jory Raphael as Lead Designer, and Jackson Latka as Head of Product are expanding the Notabli app from an iOS-only product to the web at The clean, simple interface has industry standard social media features (posts, comments, likes) and additional upcoming features like email updates, easy import/upload features from other social networks, and the ability to quickly turn photos into photo books or prints. Online, the site offers tools to build an amazing custom archive with search, filtering, export, and organizational features, as well as backup capacities to popular programs you already use like Dropbox. An Android version of Notabli is also in the works. Parent Co. has also announced that several exciting digital tools and services are in the pipeline, and based on the quality of their debut product—frankly we’re excited. Check out and keep an eye on this company for future tech products.

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