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Parents Of Walter Scott – Living A Nightmare

walter scott

There are few things as horrifying to a parent as what Walter Scott’s parents had to go through recently. To watch as police gunned down your child, defenseless and in fact running for his life, is something no parent should ever have to view on a video. While the details of what happened will wind their way through the court and of course the media, the parent’s anguish continues behind closed doors.

Defining the Dilemma for Parents

The intersection of police and black men has been fraught with dangerous behavior for years. The spectacle of black men, sitting in a car with their hands on the roof while police walk up to the vehicle is all too familiar in many urban areas. A wrong move for many can all too often lead to the kind of tragedy seen in Walter Scott’s case. But is there any way that we, as parents, can work to avoid this?

Focusing on the Fear

Anyone paying attention lately would know that fear is at the heart of all of this. Fear of the black community of the police and fear of the police of any black man. In the end it all too often leads to the videos, luckily provided by a passerby that Walter Scott’s parents had to face. There must be a way for parents to teach their children to think instead of react. But, of course, this is easy to say. But when Walter Scott, a father of four, a man who served his country in the Coast Guard, is shot down in cold blood, parents must teach their children how to handle their fear. For it was a simple fear, fear of being arrested because of outstanding child support claims, that made Scott run. The consequences of that unthinking fear were horrifying. Somehow, there must be found a way for parents to help their children control their fear so that we too don’t find ourselves facing another day like this one.

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