Parenting Tips for the ADHD Child

ADHD Child

A child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can oftentimes be labeled “difficult” or “hard to deal with”. Labels like this are not good for a child or a parent. So, it is important to know why an ADHD child acts the way that they do, and how to handle their behavior appropriately.  Here is some general information about ADHD.

Children with ADHD need to have specific directions. If the directions are not understood the first time, repeat them. If there is still a problem, have the child look you in the eye, repeat them again, and then have the child say them back to you. This will ensure that you and he knows that he heard and understood your directions.

As a parent of a child with ADHD, you must be prepared for difficulties. Switching from one activity to the other is hard for a child with ADHD. This means that a child, who has been playing outside, may not be able to come in and take a nap right away. Transition periods are crucial for ADHD children and quiet activities should be planned for to help.

Children with ADHD are typically very active. They like to be on the move, and often times do not do well with “down” time. Plan for this by knowing what you are going to do ahead of time and explaining your plans for the day to your child with ADHD. Allow them time to move by getting outside before they are expected to sit still for a period of time.

Children with ADHD are often times very creative. Help your child get in touch with this side by allowing them to draw, do art projects, and create with blocks.

Give your child with ADHD “down time” before bed. A child with ADHD may have a hard time calming down before going to sleep. So, turning down the lights 30 minutes before bed may help. During this time let them read a book, or read to them, soft music may also help.

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