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The Parenting Network Continues to Make a Difference

parenting network

Being just about a week away from April, The Parenting Network is eager to start its National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Since 1977, the goal each year is to encourage and strengthen families in order to prevent child abuse. The nonprofit organization also helps families when it comes to clothing, food and education as well. Additional resources are also provided to ensure healthy lifestyles for parents and children.

The Parenting Network offers many services for families, which include home visitations and providing education to students in schools when it comes to sexual violence and preventing teen pregnancies.

On April 1, The Parenting Network will host their annual “Be a Superhero for Children,” event which begins a month of awareness when it comes to child abuse and neglect. The event aims to be fun and educational for both parents and children. It is free and includes a bike raffle for children of all ages as well as snow cones, superhero-themed games and dancing. Volunteers will be dressed as superheroes. Parents have the opportunity to win gift cards to local restaurants or grocery stores.

There will be many organizations with pamphlets and education on healthy living. Family services also join the party with some information on domestic violence and sexual assault. Everyone’s end goal is to raise healthy, resilient children.

While the event is light-hearted and enjoyable for all, the message behind it is a serious one. The Parenting Network makes an admirable effort in raising awareness to members of the community.

For more information on donating, contact Mike Gibson at [email protected].

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