Parent-Approved TV Shows: Adventure Time


Adventure time is definitely a far out experience for both young and old viewers, but the thing that makes this program approved by parents, is the extreme watch-ability for both parent and child.

The premise of the show is that a young boy named Finn and his shape-shifting dog, Jake set out on various adventures throughout The Land of Ooo.  It combines the classic tropes of most adventure television shows like a sword-wielding protagonist, plenty of fantastical creatures, princesses in peril, and intimidating monsters to defeat.  However this modern day cartoon puts a spin on all of this that lets the parent rest assured that their child is getting entertained and educated in a unique way.

Gender roles are often challenged in the series, with the show’s main princess, Princess Bubble Gum, showing an affinity for science and discovery, a role normally reserved for an older male scientist-like character.  Another character named Marceline the vampire queen, can be seen often abandoning the traditional princess gown and instead wearing jeans, boots, and playing her bass guitar.

Another intriguing aspect of the show is its deep moral code and themes.  While your kids will be enthralled with the bright colors and silly voice acting, adults such as yourself may find hints of highly intelligent discussions about the meaning of life, existentialism, and methods to approaching obstacles in life.

Take a look at Adventure Time with your kid, and enjoy a unique bonding activity.  Adventure Time can be found on Cartoon Network as well as Netflix.

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