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Owner of Marcy’s Diner Yells at Screaming Child, Sparks Online Debate

marcys diner

It is not clear if the owner of Marcy’s Diner in Maine is receiving more positive or negative feedback after she yelled, “That needs to stop,” at a toddler. According to The New York Times, Darla Neugebauer was not feeling sorry for her actions after she yelled at a toddler to stop crying. Neugebauer claims that the child had been yelling and crying for the better part of an hour and had asked the parents to leave, but they hadn’t.

After yelling at the Child Neugebauer told News reporters that she did succeed in getting the child to be quiet. Tara Carson, the child’s mother later posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page which has since started a huge social media debate about who was in the wrong.

Part of Carson’s comment said, “The owner is an absolute lunatic and screamed in the face of my almost 2 year old child because she was crying.”

Neugebauer responded, and while many may agree be praising her actions they will probably agree that her response online was rather unprofessional, containing a lot of offensive language. Her comment was later removed.

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The restaurant’s Facebook page currently has 15,000 reviews and surprisingly a 4 out of 5 star rating. The general consensus from those who support Neugebauer’s actions is that while they would not appreciate someone yelling at their child, they would have taken their own disciplinary actions in order to let other patrons enjoy themselves.

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