child and parents

Older Mothers Deliver Smarter Babies

child and parents

Because more couples have waited longer to start a family, new studies are looking to see if there are any notable differences between children of younger parents and children of older parents.

Some of the advantages are obvious, for example a couple that waits longer will more likely be more financially ready and stable, a healthier environment in which to raise a child. Another advantage may be that the extra time gave the older parents time to develop even more so, more life experience and possibly a different perspective on parenting.

The Business Insider reports that research done at the University of Houston suggests women who wait longer to have children typically make 9% more money over the course of their careers.

Aside from the extra cash in the bank, with each year delayed researchers have found that children tend to score better on tests as well. An economist at the University of Virginia, Amalia Miller, wrote in her research that, “A 7 year delay,” Miller notes in the paper, “produces gains on par with the black-white score difference.”

Another article written by Business Insider mentions Lois Nachamie, a board certified psychotherapist. Nachaime says that older women usually tend to be more emotionally ready for motherhood, the article also provides some research to support Nachaime’s statement.

Other research recently conducted by the Max Planck Institute in Rostock has found that mothers who have waited longer (they specifically mention the age 34) have a higher probability of responding positively to the birth of their first child. The research also suggests that the happiness is also more likely to remain through the child’s upbringing, reported The Local.

We are sure that younger couples also experience their fair share of benefits as well so clearly there is no “right” time to have children, and many times it’s also clear that these things can’t be planned. It’s nice to know that, in a sense, “it’s not too late,” for some of the “older” women still hoping to become mothers one day.

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