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Obama’s Mommy Blogger Town Hall

Obama’s Mommy Blogger Town Hall


You know that a mommy blogger has become a force to be reckon with when the President of the United States decides to hold a mommy blogger town hall meeting. As anyone who isn’t living under a rock probably knows, mommy blogs have become a mighty social force on the net. Obama met with a group of bloggers who write under the banner of SheKnows Media’s BlogHer to discuss such topics as equal pay and the need for federal child care. From the looks of the many bloggers who showed up and then went home and wrote, he was speaking to an audience that cares about these issues.

Mommy Blogger Town Hall Meeting

The town hall meeting was not a surprise. There had been some talk in the media such as The Washington Post well before the event. None the less, it was a sign to many women who attended the event that perhaps the time had come for women and mothers in particular, to finally have their say. As was to be expected, there are plenty of video from various mommy blogger sites regarding this town hall meeting. All in all, though some expressed disappointment that there was no time for in depth discussion, they felt heard. After all, how often does the President himself decide he wants to hear what your collection of bloggers has to say?




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