divorced parents

Newly Divorced Parents Can Travel Too!

Newly Divorced Parents Can Travel Too!

divorced parents

For many traveling is a fun thing for us to experience and we are able to plan our trips as we wish. Things change, however, when you are a single parent. A fun trip can easily turn into a nightmare, so let’s take a look at some things newly divorced parents can do to ensure a good time.

You’ve already gone through the custody battle, or if you’re lucky, a friendly agreement of who gets the kids and when. So let’s not complicate matters.

Tip #1:

As newly divorced parents, keep your ex in mind. Advance notice is always welcome, if you’re thinking of planning a trip bring it up to your ex so that they are able to take a look at their own schedule and make sure your trip doesn’t interfere with anything they have planned. This is also a good idea so that you don’t end up buying a plane ticket only to have your ex not give you consent to leave the state, WomansDivorce.com

Tip #2:

Be fair, to everyone. Make sure your trip doesn’t interfere with something your child is looking forward to, or a special holiday that your ex observes. It may be within your legal rights to go ahead and book that trip but don’t do so if this will cause any unnecessary tension. Your divorce is behind you, the goal at this point is to keep thing peaceful for your sake and for the sake of your children. This also involves being considerate, keep your ex informed of your itinerary. Give them all your flight information, hotel information, and a way to reach you, Yahoo.com/travel.

Tip #3:

Make sure it’s a kid-friendly trip. Road trips are inexpensive and pit stops along the way usually end up being just as fun as reaching the final destination. Choose kid-friendly hotels, the last thing you want is a child needing to be entertained, or having a melt-down, when you have no more energy, Parenting.com.

Tip #4:

Do your research. We all get in that “I’m on vacation” mode but it’s important not to overspend. There are even some travel packages purposely made with single parents in mind! Kids under a certain age may be able to stay with you or even eat, for free! Check out some of these packages, Petergreenberg.com.

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