Nestle To Improve Maternity Leave Benefits


The corporate world has finally come around to the idea of generously taking care of their workers in more than one way. Nestlé has announced plans to expand all maternity leave benefits for their workers. This means that all workers globally will have an expansion if they choose of maternity leave benefits.

Expanding Benefits
Last week, the multinational corporation announced their detailed plans for expanding their maternity benefits for all 339,000 employees in all 197 countries. The company has come to an agreement with all employees and will be offering 14 weeks of paid maternity leave for all primary caretakers, which is longer than most of their competitors. The company has also planned to give these employees the sole option to an additional 12 weeks of unpaid leave to spend time with their new addition. Along with the excitement, fathers who are not the primary caretakers will be given the choice to have one week of paid paternity leave. The policy announced will start at the beginning of next year.

Flexible Work Environment
In the U.S, the change will greatly affect Nestle’s 51,000 employees, making a huge difference in their current policy. Along with the wonderful benefits they will offer, they are also adding a flexible working arrangement for new parents to transition back into work. Along with these wonderful changes, the company has joined other large companies as well who also extended their benefits this year.

Better Rate of Retention
Not only has this change greatly affected the multi-billion dollar companies employees, but this announcement extending maternal leave will help the falling rate of unemployment and help the advancement of women in the workplace. By extending leave for new mothers, this leads to better rates of retention. For example, before Google made the announcement to expand maternity leave benefits to five paid months, women quit work, twice as fast as men working at the company. The rate between both men and women is now the same.

Creating Change
Compared to other countries, the United States is the only advanced economy that doesn’t offer any sort of paid leave to all major companies. Instead, employees who work with companies who have more than 50 employees are guaranteed 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Hopefully this is a sign of change, with only 13% of workers in the U.S that receive paid paternal leave.

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