Natural And Easy Ways To Boost Your Fertility!



Do you and your partner dream of hearing pitter-patter of tiny little feet walking around your living room?  Are you wanting to become a mommy, once and for all? The good news is that the odds are in your favor because women who are under thirty-five and trying to conceive, have 84% of a chance to get pregnant within the first year of trying. However, there are some natural and dietary changes you can make to boost your fertility so you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.


Boost Your Fertility: Vitamins

Increase Vitamin C by ingesting 1000 mg/day can increase your chances of conceiving. Fertility is decreased when both women and men are deficient in Vitamin C. Ditch the cancer stick and have you and your partner ingest at least 1000 mg daily. You should also increase Zinc and your Vitamin E intake.


Boost Your Fertility: Ditch Lubricants

Coconut oil is one of the best lubricants out there. You can also ingest it as well. The chemicals found in commercial lubricants can kill sperm, so ditch the lube.


Boost Your Fertility: Man On Top

Make love with your man on top (missionary). Sperm is deposited closest to the women’s cervix during sex and also because this position allows the deepest penetration.


Boost Your Fertility: Limit Caffeine

Skip Starbucks or any highly- caffeinated drinks. One cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine and can reduce your chances of getting pregnant by one-third.


Boost Your Fertility: Love Tea

Antioxidants in tea, the women who ingest at least two cups of tea per day can nearly double their chances of conceiving. Ditch any sort of alchohol because if a woman has at least one drink a day, this alone will reduce the chances of conceiving by 50%.


Boost Your Fertility: Weight Matters

Eat healthy! Women need at least 18% body fat, and 20-25% of fat tissue body mass in order to ovulate and produce the highest chance of reproduction. Fat actually disrupts your estrogen levels and being just over 25% of your ideal weight can stop ovulation.


Boost Your Fertility: Calm Down

De-stress your body because being stressed can cause you to have irregular ovulation which means no conceiving.  Try Yoga and make sure you get at least eight-hours of sleep each night.


Boost Your Fertility: Happy Hour

Have sex between the hours of 5pm and 7pm each day. Women tend to ovulate between 3pm and 7pm, so leave work early and start making a baby




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