Melted Crayon Projects


This summer may include some time at the beach. One of the things most kids love to do is pick up shells and rocks and take them home. After a while our home begins to resemble a junk shop, so we came up with some cool things to do with those rocks and shells.

Melted Crayon Sea Shells

I know – the darn things are so pretty why would we want to add color? But the truth is, once your and your kids do this little DIY project, you will want to do more. The trick is to keep the shells warm enough to melt the crayons but not too hot to touch. You can get the step by step instructions for melted crayon sea shells from the folks at Fun At Home With Kids, one of my favorite mommy blogs.

Rocks and Melted Crayons

All of my kids love to bring home rocks from our trips. I can hardly complain since I have been doing the same thing since I was their age. But as a result, we tend to have our bookshelves look more like an archeology den then a family bookshelf. When I first hear about melting crayons on rocks as a fun DIY project for a rainy day, I had my doubts. Now we do it on a regular basis with the rocks everyone brings back from our trips and we decorate the garden with them. For tips on how to get your kids started on this fun home craft, check out The Artful Parent’s post about it.

Melted Crayons Make Great Art

I was surprised to find out after getting into these two projects that melted crayon art is a huge craze on places like Pinterest. If you check them out you can find melted crayon projects for adults and for kids of all ages. Utilizing something as ordinary as a hair blower and a box of old crayons, you can make amazing looking art. So never underestimate the simple beauty of ordinary kids toys like a box of crayons. From Pinterest projects like these to creating works of art that you can hang on the wall, melted crayon crafts are the perfect easy and fun home project.

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