lighthouse parenting

Lighthouse Parenting – Is it Right for Your Kids?

lighthouse parenting

You have heard of helicopter parents and even tiger moms. But some are saying that lighthouse parenting is the new key to raising kids well. The latest in a series of ideas about parenting techniques, lighthouse parenting presents the idea that parents are there as guides for their kids, lighthouses along a choppy and unpredictable pathway. A parents love and support can be there to provide shelter and guidance as their children make decisions and learn from those decisions. But does this work for all kids?

Lighthouse Parenting to Navigate Life

Lighthouse parenting is firmly centered in the idea that kids learn from making mistakes. While a parent can be there as an example of good decisions to give guidance, it believes kids thrive on learning from risks. It is the latest in a series of theories presented in parenting books that are looking at the best approach when it comes to raising kids. Dr. Ginsberg’s book, “Raising Kids to Thrive” is based on his own research with his twin teen children and other teens. He sees teens as experts on what children need today to succeed. “Kids know what it’s gonna take to help them to thrive,” he says.

Character not Performance is Key

In this new age of smartphones and children constantly surrounded by advertising and instant access to information, some say it is the best solution. But what exactly is lighthouse parenting? The key to this concept is to begin with unconditional love. When you couple this with setting expectations based not on their performance but on the development of their character, you light their way. This type of parenting will support your kids through their entire lives. Lighthouse parenting raises kids to think in terms of moral decisions that reflect their character. These lessons will last a lifetime, raising children to be thinking, caring adults.

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