Winter Watching: 8 Things We Learned From Disney’s “Frozen”

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There’s no denying it, kids love movies.  If you have a child that has watched movies in the past year, it would be surprising if your child has not seen the Disney animated movie, “Frozen.”  This movie is one of the most popular children’s movies at this time.  Even shopping has been infiltrated with apparel, shoes, food products, and more that feature the favorite characters from the movie.  It seems that children are in love with this tale so it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the lessons that can be learned from the movie.

You Should Love Yourself

In Frozen Elsa has to learn to love herself.  She has not loved herself because of her unique abilities and she thinks that something is wrong with her.  This can easily be used as a lesson to teach your children about how important it is that they love themselves.

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