kids and divorce

Kids and Divorce App

kids and divorce

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced the fun side to the App Store. Whether you bought your kids the latest Frozen app, or Minecraft app, there’s plenty of games to fulfill your children’s time. What you may not know that there’s a serious side to the App Store. There’s apps for helping kids with emotional problems, helping teens with weight problems, all the way to helping older kids with their smoking habits. Many families have a hard time talking with their children and teens about some of these topics, but sometimes certain apps can help ease the transition.

One specific based UK company did just that. They developed an app to help and support a families emotional health and well-being through unexpected hurdles in life. Sometimes its not easy to talk about divorce, but “Kids and Divorce App” makes this struggle a little easier. The Kids and Divorce app is for children aged 4-11, and was designed to help children through the challenges of separation and divorce. This fun and engaging app keeps children in mind, by helping them build the framework needed to work out new situations at home. The K&D interactive app allows your child to feel safe, by creating their own personal work space to help document what their feeling inside.

When the Kids and Divorce app is downloaded, you and your child begin by watching a short video that describes the app. After the friendly intro, the user has the option of setting their avatar up accordingly. The more the child explores the app, the more creative their able to express themselves. The five different areas to explore with the Kids and Divorce App are:

  • AVATAR In the beginning, kids are able to create their own “funky lookalike” a personal depiction of them and what their family is perceived as.
  • FEELING FACES– This is important because this allows your child to choose the correct emotion they are observing how everyone is feeling inside regarding family events.
  • MY FAMILY- Your child is able to build a perfectly unique picture of what they think their family looks like.
  • KATY & DAN- These two are your chosen guides when exploring the K&D App.
  • PARENTS AREA- Parents are able to explore the app, giving them a description of what each activity does for their child.

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