kids and books

Kids and Books – A Summer Tradition

kids and books

Don’t leave kids and books out of your plans this summer. With school over your kids are probably looking at a long hot summer of fun. They are planning on heading out to the neighborhood pool, afternoons just hanging with friends and plenty of sports. A big part of summer is also the leisure to just get lost in a book. Most of us remember those long summer afternoons lost in a great adventure book, time passing unseen around us. Books open us to new worlds and new ideas, and kids who read young in life retain that love throughout their lives.

Starting Them Early
In our household all the kids could read before they even started school. That was because we had books all over the house they could practice on, and older siblings to help them. Trips to the library were weekly events that we loved, exploring new books and finding favorite authors. Reading with your kids when they are just learning to read, taking them to libraries, bookstores and even local book fairs can introduce the joy of books at an early age. Kids who learn to read young find it easy, learn to love it and never lose that sense of adventure a great book gives.

Kids and Books – YA Phenomena
Kid’s picture books have long been great sellers as young readers love to read these books over and over. But did you know that Young Adult (YA) books have become the fastest growing sector in publishing? Some amazing authors have shown up in YA Fiction the last decade. If you are looking for great books for your tweens or teens – a great place to research is Good Reads. It is a website where book lovers review and discuss books and many authors do Q & A’s with the readers. Here you can review books your kids may like, and even encourage your kids to visit the site and talk to their favorite authors. In addition many authors are members and your kids can see what their favorite authors read or even visit their websites. Many libraries now let you request books then set them aside for you to pick up. Our library has a section in the entrance for patrons to pick up books they order online. This is a great tool for YA fiction that is a series, as many popular authors do an ongoing series.

Reading for Research
Just because school is done for the summer doesn’t have to mean the kids stop learning. If your family is heading out to a new vacation spot, why not explore the place through books? When you share the information you all learn, the kids soon see the connection between reading, research and their own lives. Books are the best tool for learning the history of a city you plan to visit, the art of a new culture you plan to explore or even the physical history of a place you plan to camp.

Summer Reading for Relaxation, Education and Fun
So this summer, don’t forget the books! If you are looking for a great list of books to explore with the kids this summer, Today’s Parent has a list of 100 Best Kids Books that will get you started. From toddlers with their wash and wipe books to teens engrossed in Harry Potter, summer is the best time for kids to really dig into reading. While you are at it, don’t forget to grab your own favorite author to read alongside your kids. Ah- a pitcher of lemonade, you kids and books on the back porch or balcony – what could be better this summer?

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