keeping your cool

How To Keep Your Cool

keeping your cool

Many of us work and have big goals and objectives we would like to achieve in our lives. Not many of us think about having an ambition to get through to the next day with  both grace and peace of mind. Thinking about too much and jumping from one task to another may not be the best thing to do for ourselves, not to mention our children. What you need to realize is that you’re in control of your own emotions and when you understand that, you’ll get more done, communicate better, and most importantly lead more productive, purposeful lives.

Here are some ways to keep your cool amid life’s upcoming days.

1. Discover ways to help you stay calm

It’s important to stay calm even though you may want to panic as problems may arise in your life. When you adopt a singular focus and think positive, you’ll start to see the calm take over. It’s important to speak softly and calmly to your children. It also may help if you visualize yourself acting with a great amount of patience and focus.

2. Pay attention to the patterns in your life

Are there any situations you feel that  make you lose your cool easier? You’ll want to watch these specific patterns throughout the day and measure the amount of stress you have, boredom levels, also your blood sugar levels. When you understand the patterns in your life, this can help you to stay away from key triggers that are causing you to lose your cool.

3. Take care of the essentials in life

Make sure you are eating right and getting enough protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals in your diet. People tend to lose their temper when their blood sugar is low, and they see a huge difference when protein is added in their diet. It’s also important to get physical activity in your life because this can help control anxiety.

4. Focus on the mind and spirit

Depending on what you believe in, try and engage in a routine of mediation whether it be towards God, or whatever you may believe in. Sometimes the practice of yoga which helps with stretching, learning to control your mind, and focuses on breathing can help serve you well your entire life.

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