The Dilemma of The Working Woman


One of the toughest things to do is to be a single mom.  Because not only do you have the role of being a mom at home, but you have to often rush out the door to a job that you have to pay the bills.  Juggling the roles of being a mom and a working mom is not easy, but here are tips that will help you do a better job of it, and maybe not feel so rushed all the time.


Remember that you should always prioritize.  Decide on what needs to be done quickly and what you can take your time on.  This can be quite challenging when you have so many things on your plate.  Perhaps taking a few moments out to drink a cup of tea you can clearly organize the day and what needs to be done first and what you may be able to get help with from a friend.


Consider various options to help cut down on time you are spending running around.  Look at how much you do at work, the hours, and if you’ve taken on too much for what you can easily do.  Also consider what you have to do at home, is it a must that you work this many hours?  Can you find another way to earn more money and spend less time away from the home and your kids?  Perhaps your work has an option where you are able to work from home.  That means breaks could be used doing things that need done around the house!


Combine any tasks that you can and get them done quicker.  Maybe you have to run to the store to get a few groceries.  Check to see if you also need gas in the car, if you are getting close to when you would normally fill up the tank, do it now, this will save you time later on.


Enjoy the moments you have free to spend with your child.  Though you may be tired from work, anytime you get to spend with your child will soon be gone.  As they get older, they will want to go out with friends, and soon they will be moving out and going to college.  It may seem like you don’t get enough of those moments, so when they do come, make sure you take a moment and really sit and talk to your children.




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