ivf test tube

IVF is the Trend Now

ivf test tube

In the past, the birth rate for twins wasn’t as common as it is today. The rise in multiples has grown, due to women wanting to wait to have a baby. When a woman gets older, hormones change causing more than one egg to release at a time during fertilization. If a woman uses fertility drugs and assisted reproductive technology, this may help conceive, but also increases the chance of having twins. Women will typically produce more than one egg, meaning there will be a chance for more than one baby.

When a couple seeks fertility treatment such as IVF, these drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries, increasing the odds of releasing more than one egg at the same time. Because the cost of treatment is so high, and not covered by insurance, couples count on increasing their chance of getting pregnant by transferring more than one embryo. This boosts a couples chance of having more than one baby from 20 to 40 percent. When fertility drugs are taken, the chance of conceiving fraternal twins is high. Even though stricter guidelines maintained the success at reducing multiples, this doesn’t mean that pregnancy rate will be the same. No matter what, patients need to weigh out all risks of being pregnant with two babies. A couple might love the idea of having twins, but when the problems outweigh the risk that could arise, it might change their mind.

Fertility doctors work on educating patients daily on the health risks and high costs of having more than one baby at a time. Twins seem to be everywhere these days, and even though your dream might be to have two babies, this could also be dangerous. The costs of the hospital bills because mothers may need to be on bed rest and monitored closely, not to mention if the babies are born early, they might need intensive care.

If a woman is pregnant with one child, this is far safer and there’s the greatest chance for an optimal outcome. According to a study published by the British Medical Journal, they found women are five times more likely to birth a single and healthy child, if they have a single embryo transfer (SET), than those who chose the two embryo transfer. The SET, has also increased chances for women to carry baby full term.

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