Is Your Child Too Old To Nap?

New studies have shown children after the age of two no longer need a nap. If you’re a parent to a toddler who is two, you understand they would suffer without their afternoon nap, and so would you. Toddlers need their nap because this is the time when they recharge and reboot, it’s also a time when their brain is forming new cells.

Signs Your Child Is Ready

Morning time is easy. If your child doesn’t have a nap the previous day, and they are in a good mood in the morning, that may be a sign that they’re ready for a nap-free schedule. This isn’t the only sign, but one of the many you should look to.

New bedtime struggles. If your child doesn’t need the extra sleep in the afternoon, you’ll notice them struggle with falling asleep at their usual bedtime. This results in your little one having a hard time falling asleep at night, go to bed much later, or wake up earlier in the morning.

Resists their naps. If your tot is completely resisting their nap, rather than the fuss-and-go-right-to-sleep routine, your little one’s resistance may go into overtime. It isn’t good if they whine endlessly about not wanting to nap, or completely not fall asleep.

Keeps a good disposition. Little tots that are ready to give up their naps will be able to a generally keep a stable mood all day. Your little one will have their regular ups and downs, but if their in good spirits and can make it to bedtime, they may not need a nap.

Signs Your Child Isn’t Ready

Sleepy signs. Your little one may not be able to tell you that they are ready sleepy and need to go to bed, but you’ll see the signs. You’ll notice their body language be a clear indicator they need the sleep.

Dozing off in the car. If your child falls asleep when your heading somewhere quick and it would be their nap-time, this is a clear indicator their not ready.

Naps are painless. If your child falls asleep effortlessly and stays asleep for at least an hour, this means your child still needs the rest during the day.

Has an attitude. If you notice your little one being extremely irritable around the time they need to fall asleep, this is a clue they still need the extra sleep.

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