Is Your Child Ready For Video Games

Video Games

Every year, more and more children seem to experience screen time at an earlier age. Think about it. How many two years old do you see working their parent’s smartphones or tablets?

Video games used to be simply a sedentary entertainment style. However, with the advances in technology video games have become not only an active form of entertainment, but an educational experience as well. Content can help younger generations about reading, writing, problem solving, and more; but how do you determine what games are suitable for your child?

Before rushing out to buy the latest video game for your child, make sure to ask yourself these 3 important questions.

Is your child able to focus and defocus (look away) as needed?

Will my child understand the content of the video game?

Is my child’s hand-eye coordination on par to interact with the screen based game?

Once you have determined they are ready to be introduced to video games, you need to think about what type of games you want your child to use. In order to determine the best games for your child, remember to:

Encourage Various Forms of Play – Not all video games are played the same way. Let your child experiment with all options from touchscreen tablets to physical movements for controls.

Choose Something That Will Attract the Child’s Attention – However, although flashing lights and sound defects can be fun to watch, make sure not to choose anything too overwhelming.

Choose Relatable Options – Find a game with your child’s favorite character or wit h content covering age appropriate information.

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