Getting Our Kids to Drink More Water


Do you have a child who just will not drink water? I do too! And it drives me nuts. Finding creative ways to get your child to drink water is key. Here are some ways that have worked for us!

  • Buy Flavored Water– there are tons of great options out there when it comes to flavored water. Some are carbonated (which does not work well in sippy cups), but there are other options as well. Many come in bottled form as well as gallon.
  • Pack Drink Packets– These individual packets are great to take with you on trips. They also color the water to make it look more like kool aid or something else that is not water. In other words-you can totally trick your kids into thinking that it’s NOT water 😉
  • Dilute Juices– Start out using ¼ water and the rest juice, and then slowly change it to ½ water, then ¾ water. This is an easy way to get your child’s taste buds accustomed to water before making the full transition.

Now, the obvious way to get your child to drink water is by going back in time and starting them with it as an infant. However, if you are like me you didn’t make that logical choice. So, try out one or more of these ways and hopefully our kids will be drinking water soon! It is the healthier option and one that is also the most cost efficient.

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