On Curbing Bad Habits

Bad habits can be embarrassing to parents at times.  But they can also make your child seem like they are just bad in general.  You can cure bad habits of kids though through the process of teaching them to stop.  If it’s a habit of a young child, you may be able to avoid it all together!


There are many bad habits that you kid may have, from sucking on their thumb a pacifier, or something else.  Depending on their age will most likely depend on the bad habit they are showing.


If it’s a younger age, you may want to wean your baby off the pacifier and have them find other ways to get to sleep.  It may seem like more of a hassle, however in the long run you could soon have them off that bad habit and able to fall asleep easily!  Another idea is to not even give them the pacifier in the first place, this will help you avoid the problem of getting them to stop using it later on in life!


What about the child that is older and biting or maybe even hitting other kids, or adults?  That’s an all new thing, they are older and should be able to understand this is not behavior that is acceptable.  Often time’s parents will use the excuse that it’s just him or her growing up, this is not true.  They need to teach their child to stop this behavior.


You will need to tell your child directly but calmly that hurting another person is not something they are allowed to do.  Explain to them how they are hurting the other person involved.


Sometimes time-outs will work.  However, this is something that may not work well for all children.  If you try the time-out method, you should have your child sit away for the child they hurt, and after they come out of time out they will need to say they are sorry.


Take away a privilege your child loves.  Keeping something away from them could work better than a time-out, since they obviously are missing something they love.  Watch your child when they are playing and find out what might have caused them to bite or hit the other child.  If you can figure out the cause, you may be able to avoid it in the future.

In the long run, it may take time to keep those bad habits from coming back, but it can be done.




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