4th grade

How Does 4th Grade Predict Our Future?

4th grade     Entering the 4th grade feels like centuries ago for most of the older generations. If you can remember how you acted in early childhood, this could depict the type of person you are today. This doesnʼt mean that if youʼre rejected, youʼll have a life of difficulties, or vice versa. Findings though have been very consistent, suggesting this simple predictor, marks stronger evidence ever imagined.

The groups researched:

  • The “accepted” The ones who were picked by every student in the class, and 
these were the kids who were liked the most. They werenʼt picked as being disliked in 
  • The “rejected” These are the ones picked as being the ones who were not liked 
in class.
  • The “neglected” kids. These kids were rarely picked for either being liked, or disliked, 
and are considered to be unnoticed by their peers.
  • The “controversial” kids who are highly visible by others, who are known by 
 These kids are in a love-hate relationship with most of their peers, but 
nominated to be the ones peers liked and disliked equally, depending on the day.
  • The rest are considered “average” 
If you were classified as being “rejected,” you were more likely to have anxiety and depression as an adult. You make less money than others with similar experiences. You also found it difficult to maintain a stable relationship. 
If you were “controversial,” you may have grown to be the one dominant, high status high-schooler, who bullied others to make themselves feel better. You could have found yourself using illegal substances early in life, having unprotected sex, and chances for teen pregnancy was way higher than others. 
If you were “neglected,” you turned out fine. The neglected children switch when their older, and even though you might have been uninterested in others, you were completely content with the path you were on. Thereʼs more of a chance you grew up to experience anxiety throughout life, forcing you to choose a career path allowing you to minimize social settings. 
If you were “accepted,” you experienced a different life than others. You are said to be more confident, optimistic, and maybe too much at times. You love making new friends, and you may put work first, because you are a leader. If you have an argument, youʼre the one who wants to resolve rather than retaliate.


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