toddlers hitting

When Toddlers Hit

toddlers hitting

When your toddler turns around 20 months, you may start to notice them wanting to gain some control. If you notice your little one get aggressive when things aren’t going their way, resulting in kicking, shoving or even hitting someone else, it’s time to take matters into your hands.

The first thing you don’t want to do is think you’re the worst parent ever because your child is acting this way. Don’t take your child’s behavior personally because many toddlers go through this very same thing. Seeing your child hit, kick, or even shove can make any parent upset. It’s important to learn how to redirect your little one’s behavior.


1. Track the trigger

As their parent, you may want to keep track of when they start to hit. Tracking their triggers and watching what urges them to hit should lessen the episodes slowly. If your little one is tired, bored or even hungry this could all make them want to lash out. Also, think about the situation your family is in currently, and changing the family dynamic may cause a child to be aggressive. If your child has friends who don’t play appropriately with their hands, try and avoid those friends.


2. Take time to hug

It’s important to take the time to hug and snuggle your child, and try and give them a little massage or scratching their head. Showing your child that hands can be used in a nice and appropriate manner, this will help them to keep their hands off of other people. Try not to give into your child when they show some sort of force towards you or someone else, instead give the desired consequences they need. Your child will start to learn that hitting doesn’t make anyone happy, but good behavior does.

toddler talking

3. Communicating is fun

There are some children who have a natural tendency to use their hands more as communication tools. If this sounds like your child you may want to teach them alternative ways to channel the way they feel more appropriately.


4. Offer ways to communicate

In most cases, children don’t go around hitting people just because. There’s typically a reason why and oftentimes they’re frustrated for some reason. They often use hitting as a confused way to get a person’s attention and even though it may be the wrong way, they know it will get their attention.

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