Hidden Sources Of Caffeine In Your Kids Diet


You may not realize that your kid’s diets have more caffeine in it.  So many food out there that you may not think about have some caffeine in them, and could be what is causing your child to be hyper.  Though many you will not be able to keep out of their diets, you can at least cut down on how much they eat.


Because caffeine does effect a kids heart rate and their blood pressure.  Some research has shown that a can of any soda will slow a kid’s heart rate as well as make their blood pressure increase.  This can also cause such problems as stomachs being upset, nervousness, and headaches.


One of the worst out there for caffeine is chocolate.  It’s so good, and so many kids love it, so how will you cut this out of their diet?  Chocolate can have as much as 10 milligrams of caffeine in it.  But if you buy dark chocolate it can have even more in it.

While if you buy ice cream and get chocolate ice cream you’re also feeing your kids caffeine without possibly knowing it.  Coffee flavored ice cream is even higher in caffeine content.


Those breakfast products that are flavored can be packed full of caffeine as well.  Even something as innocent sounding as yogurt from Dannon that is coffee flavored
is packed with 45 milligrams of caffeine.

Taking into consideration that chocolate has caffeine it should be obvious that hot chocolate will also contain caffeine too.  While even some iced teas as well as hot teas can have quite a bit of caffeine in them.  Take for example a Lemon Tea from Snapple, a bottle has around 62 milligrams.  While drinking a hot cup of Earl Grey, will give your child anywhere from 55 up to 90 milligrams of caffeine.  There are some herbal teas though that contain no caffeine.  So do a bit of research and you might be able to find a good alternative.


Soda is something that all parents are aware of having caffeine, but even some of those non-cola drinks have caffeine as well.  Take this as an example; Sunkist Orange, it contains 41 milligrams.  Surge, and Mountain Dew are two of the highest at a caffeine content of 68 and 55 respectively.  Also if you don’t want to pump your kids full of caffeine you should avoid those energy drinks on the market.  Just as one example Java Water, which sounds a bit tame, has 125 milligrams of caffeine.



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