Hacks For Getting Those Tough Stains Out

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I think we all have had the moment where we drop something on our favorite shirt, or witness our children spilling our coffee all over our carpet. The pit that immerses from the bottom of our stomach, and then we flash that “fake smile” and tell our child, “It’s okay sweetie, mommy will take care of it”. You are not alone. I have searched far and wide for the best hacks to remove those tough stains from anywhere and anything. If you have just dirtied your brand new shirt you’re going to dinner in, there’s a remedy for that. If your child spills any sort of liquids onto your carpet, there’s a hack for that. They’re some necessary steps that we forget to do when properly treating a stain. If you don’t do the steps in order, your luck of getting those tough stains out will diminish slowly.

The first rule to treating stains on your clothing is pretreating promptly. The minute you notice a stain, pretreat it. If you are doing loads of laundry at a time, and you notice you have missed some stains on those items, it’s not too late if you pretreat quick. By not pretreating your stain first, can make that stain of an oily dressing on your favorite blouse, a permanent addition. The next rule is pretreating properly and using the right stain fighter to the proper fabric.

Oily stains

(Any type of oil, lipstick, grease stains) require the extra attention and some extra detergent before you wash. Leave your item soak with detergent, 15-20 minutes before you wash. This will help lift the stain.


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