children and music

Guide To Children And Music

children and music

Guide To Children And Music


Whether your child is singing along to Sesame Street’s or Curious George’s Theme Song, children love music. We often hear them sing along to the popular hits on the radio and realize our children pick songs up faster than you would think. Could these songs affect a child’s behavior and what kind of music should they listen to and not listen to at a young age? Here’s some tips to help create an appropriate playlist for your child’s ears.


Children And Music: Just For Listening?

Before you decide on a playlist for your child, keep in mind that your child will receive benefits from not only just listening, but also by clapping, singing, and dancing to music. When little children sing and dance, their brain makes meaning of this, which is a process called audiation. Children’s brains develop musical comprehension by not only listening, but also through voicing and dancing. Help your child to make music by listening, which will help train her musical ear. Research shows that 50 percent of children entering kindergarten can’t distinguish the difference between singing and speaking.


Children And Music: Challenge Them

In order to challenge your child musically, aim for a variety of rhythms and tonalities; songs with many different keys. Orchestral music is the best for this, whereas heavy metal being the opposite. A variety of music exposes children to different styles and  helps them learn better. Children learn through juxtaposition of difference, which parallels one theme to another.


Children And Music: What Should Be off Limits?

Although your child may be an expert on your iPod, you may want to be close to guide him. If your child can’t make good selections, you should supervise the selections he’s making. Aim for child-friendly and even CDs labeled “Kids,” are poorly produced with children singing like adults with all songs sung in major keys only. Stay away from most songs that are popular due to the inappropriate lyrical content and should be avoided at all costs.


Children And Music: Sharing Time With Music

Above all, model your love for music no matter if it’s your choice or theirs. Show your child the joy of music. Take them to concerts outside so they’re able to music in action. Their tastes will become more expansive hearing different types of music. The more expansive they become, the more they’ll have respect for artists and genres.


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