gardening projects

Gardening Projects To Do With Your Kids

gardening projects

Gardening Projects To Do With Your Kids

Involving your children in fun gardening projects gives them the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Gardening Projects: Wind Chimes

Grab string, twigs, bamboo, abandoned shells, or any other items found in nature that will make a beautiful sound.

  • Collect the natural material and start by creating a “T” shape from some of the bigger and sturdier twigs.
  • Hang pieces of string from the top of the “T” shape and tie shells, twigs and anything you found in nature to the chime. Hang it somewhere the wind will catch it and listen to the beautiful sounds.

Gardening Projects: Toilet Paper Tube Planter

Grab an empty paper roll container, some soil from the garden or potting mix, and seeds of any type of plant.

  • You’ll want to start by standing an empty paper roll upright in a container
  • Pack the tube with moistened soil (put a couple drops of water on dry soil) and add a single bean to the tube.
  • Water the seed regularly and watch as the seed germinates.

Gardening Projects: Pinecone Friends

Start by gathering pinecones/acorns, twigs, seeds, non-toxic berries, vegan glue (Welbond) and anything you can find to make legs, hats, or tails.

  • Use the pinecones/acorns for the body and glue the smaller seeds together as the head.
  • Add twigs or anything else you found for the legs and glue together.

Gardening Projects: Old-time Planter

Get used boots, or any old item, watering cans, teapots, from any family member or get some from a consignment store. Also grab any type of soil you use.

  • Fill the old items with the potting soil or soil from the garden.
  • Plant your seeds directly into the soil filled item and watch them produce an awesome plant. The best types of seeds to buy are tomatoes or strawberries.

Gardening Projects: Homemade Bird Feeder

Have your child find some good sized pinecones, peanut butter, birdseed or any mix with sunflower seeds and millet.

  • Tie a string to your pinecone and find a secure place to hang your bird feeder or place on the ground.
  • Smear a thin layer of nut/seed butter on the outside of the pinecone.
  • Sprinkle the birdseed mix over the pinecone until it’s completely covered with seeds.
  • Hang the feeder in a tree or somewhere the birds can reach off of the ground.

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