4 Indoor Activities To Beat The Heat

cleantoysPlanning fun activities for toddlers might sound fun, but thinking of what those ideas would be, might be the hard part. Toddlers are at a tough age because they often want to put things in their mouth and most toddlers have a hard time with directions or maintaining the attention span to do most activities they choose. It’s never too late to start with your toddler. Even though they love to play with other children, there’s nothing like the fulfillment they get when playing with the ones they love most, their parents.

Here are some tips before you start your activities with your toddler. Remember to allow your toddler to explore whatever it is that you give them. Don’t have a “concrete” plan when it comes to your toddler. Plans oftentimes adjust according to toddlers.

Grab an empty toilet paper roll and crease it down the center (the long way) to make a point and then crease the other side of it inward to make it a heart shape. Dip the end of it in red, pink or purple and make sure that it is washable paint. Little hands get the satisfaction of making a heart all by themselves!

Grab your old plastic empty peanut butter jars or any other jar you may have that’s plastic and clear. Fill the jar half with water and add a couple drops of food coloring of your choice. Don’t forget to add a splash of dish soap. The fun is in the bubbles created! Toddlers love that the more they shake, the more bubbles they can produce.

Grab a gallon size plastic bag and some cheap hair gel. If you can’t find a hair gel thats colored, add food coloring to your gel (or two primary colors to teach about mixing) for added fun. Tape it to a window that your child can reach to play with it.

Painting with your child can sure be fun, but once they start to eat it, it’s not so much fun. Making edible yogurt finger paint is tons of fun. Grab five plastic baby-food containers with a lid and then add yogurt, one at a time. Add food coloring to the yogurt and then shake it up. Uncover to find edible finger paint for your toddler.

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