technology addiction

Freeing A Child From Technology Addiction

Freeing A Child From Technology Addiction

technology addiction

The American Academy Of Pediatrics recommends the limit of technology for children older than two, due to many health effects attributed to television. Children under two, should have no visual contact with technology at all. Younger children particularly, are vulnerable to technology addiction and messages conveyed on screens, which can negatively affect their behaviors. According to studies, the average child watches an average of three hours of television per day. Time spent using these electronics displaces other active pursuits, such as, reading, exercising, being creative and playing with friends. There’s also negative consequences including, obesity, sleep deprivation, aggression, mental illness, digital dementia, and rapid brain growth.



In today’s society, the amount of cell phone and tablet use has grown to be more acceptable as technology addiction afflicts more and more people. Parents are allowing technology to take presence during critical times of the day and instead of interacting with children during dinner, the cell phone or tablet is in control. Relationships between parent and child start to become strained and communication problems start to form. This is when a child slowly starts to succumb to technology addiction, having it affect their life in more than one way if it hasn’t already.



Too much of anything is never a good thing, especially technology addiction. When that something is affecting the brain negatively, responding in bad behavior, this should be stopped or limited. In fact, children who use the internet more than an hour a day, have an increased difficulty in school, and attention span is reduced. When a child has an overuse of anything, this usually means something else is suffering. If grades are suffering, relationships are minimizing, hobbies are plummeting, this could mean your child is afflicted with technology addiction. It’s time to limit.



Creating the proper balance is important for you and your family. Simply yanking the access to screen time isn’t a long-term option for most parents, nor will it work.

  • Encourage family time and allow no devices, not even for parents. Show your children that family is the most important and human interaction trumps technology.
  • Decide when and where your child can use their devices and for how long. This will give them rules to abide by, which will structure their use.
  • Think of other fun things to do with your child, because boredom will always result in the use of electronics.

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