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Five Money Saving Tips for Moms

Five Money Saving Tips for Moms

money saving tips

Moms everywhere have the same problem, how to keep that budget under control. Some choose to make extra cash by working part-time at home through online agencies such as Elance or Freelancers. Other moms use money saving tips like the ones below to help them wrangle those dollars down. Here are ten money saving tips we know will help moms to keep that household budget in place without feeling like a character out of a Dickens novel asking for more.

Create Menus Around Grocery Store Sales

In this day of online menu and recipe help it is easier than ever to buy what is on sale and look up recipes to use what you have. Cooking for what’s on hand instead of what your family is in the mood for will save big bucks.

Take Hand-Me-Downs From Friends

You probably have friends with kids close in age to your own children. Never turn down offered toys, books or clothes from them. You would be amazed how much you can save. Plus, you can return the offer or pass it on by doing the same with other moms.

Pay An Extra Mortgage Payment

If you make just one extra mortgage payment a year, you can pay that mortgage off faster and save on the interest rates as well. You would be amazed how much of a difference just one payment each year will do.

Buy in Bulk and Stockpile

Many cities have bulk buying clubs, you can probably find one online near you. Create a space in your home for bulk buys and make sure to also stock up when items you use are on sale in stores. Having what you need in stock, and cooking from what you have, will save big in the end.

Use Your Local Library and Community Center

Instead of going out to the movies, why not pick up a movie at the library? You will also find great books on kids craft projects, kid’s activities like story-time and other great resources there. Community centers offer low price classes, fun activities and often have free events. Check online to sign up for their calendar to not miss out and save on expensive entertainment at the same time.

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