Five Facts You Should Know About Product Recalls


You can find them online or showcased somewhere in many retail customer service areas, every year some form of product will be recalled. As a parent, it is up to us to ensure the safety of our children, so it is vital to stay informed and up to date on recalls. However, what do you actually do when you have a recalled product? Do you take it to the store or send it to the manufacturer? Here are five facts you should know (and remember) about product recalls.

  1. When you see an item on the shelf, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to use. Not all products sitting on store shelves are tested. Safety standards and regulations vary depending upon products. Some regulations are mandatory, others are voluntary, and some products don’t have any regulations.
  2. Typically a problem or issue for a product is investigated after a consumer complains about the issue. Recall and safety testing procedures generally start with a consumer complaint, not before.
  3. Stop using the product as soon as you find out about the defect. Call the manufacturer, and more often than not they will provide some method to fix the product. In some instances when a product cannot be fixed, you may receive a new product or refund.
  4. Not all recalls have the same severity. Recalls can be due to something minor (like improper label) something serious (such as product could cause injury or death) and everything in between.
  5. Keep up to date on recalled products. You can look online at website like Safer Products or Recalls.

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