Family Gardening

Family Gardening Tips For Growing Green Thumbs

Family Gardening Tips For Growing Green Thumbs

Family Gardening

Some of us were lucky enough to have grown up where family gardening was a given. Around our house the yard and back deck was filled with flowers, veggies and herbs of every description. Best of all, each kid in our big household had a daily chore connected to the garden. Family garden chores weren’t an option, but we all loved being part of the process. If this sounds like a tradition you would like to start in your family, it is easy to begin.

Family Gardening Starts With A Budget

The first thing you will need to do is set a budget for your family gardening supplies and stick to it. The budget will depend on what you plan to do. You don’t have to do it all at once, start small and grow it from there. We have found that beginning with a container garden of herbs and salad veggies is a good way to start. Little kids love to grow radishes because they sprout so fast. A year or two of this, expanding as you go, grows your budget slowly right alongside your garden.

Grow What You Eat

Newbie family gardeners always get caught by this one. You see this beautiful plant on the seed packet and decide to grow it. But no one in your family likes cauliflower and so you are stuck with it. This is why so many begin with simple things like carrots, lettuce and perhaps tomatoes. Here are a few ideas on what to plant. The difference in taste is obvious plus it gives you a head start on growing a daily salad. But no matter how beautiful eggplants look in the garden, if no one eats them they are a waste of time and water.

Family Gardening Together

The important thing is to do this together as a family. There are so few things left that families actually do together, this could be a memory for your kids they can pass on to the next generation. In addition, by having the family gardening together, not just the fun part but also the weeding and watering, they will truly appreciate what they eat. Have fun – the family gardening season is in full swing so it is the perfect time to plant one together!

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