Effects Of Breastfeeding For Longer Than 2 Years


Effects Of Breastfeeding For Longer Than 2 Years

Breastfeeding your baby is a fantastic source of vitamins, as well as many health benefits. Along with wonderful things to ingest, your baby also gets one-to-one and skin to skin, which provides a wonderful bonding experience between mama and baby. Even though they’re many great things and aspects to breastfeeding, they’re also some downsides to breastfeeding after your child hits their second birthday. Studies indicate that nursing a child past the age of two, can lead to infant tooth decay.

The more frequent a mother breastfeeds her child in one day, the more there is a risk of severe early tooth decay, researchers suggest. Two aspects of breastfeeding have the ability to promote tooth decay. First, is the actual human milk which has some, but little chance and then there’s the physical aspect of breastfeeding or even bottle feeding and that’s where the problem occurs.

No matter what the studies show, breastfeeding past the age of two, is great for some families and that’s why they decide upon doing so. Although, there are all sorts of intangibles that have been backed up by numerous experience, not science. Breastfeeding does provide the best cuddle time you can possibly have with your notoriously, on-the-go toddler and it may help with hydration during an illness. Breastfeeding can also be a tool for calming the emotional madness, which comes with the toddler stage.

Many scientific studies have proven the point that if mothers breastfeed longer than two years, it will greatly enhance their child’s neurodevelopment. Their scholastic and intellectual ability is also greatly enhanced later in life. A child’s IQ is greatly affected in a positive way which is related to the duration of breastfeeding. The longer the child gets breastfed, the greater amount of optimal benefits they will receive.

Longer breastfeeding promotes the suppression of the following diseases and benefits to the infant and mother:

  • An enhanced stereoscopic vision
  • Neuro-motor development is increased
  • The lower chance of obesity in adult life
  • An increased height
  • A suppression of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections morbidity
  • A suppression of atopic eczema
  • A suppression of asthma

Long-term benefits for the mother include:

  • An increased weight loss
  • A lower chance of breast cancer
  • A lower chance of premenopausal ovarian cancer
  • A suppression of hypertension
  • A suppression of type 2 diabetes
  • A suppression of myocardial infarction (heart attack)

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