The Many Uses For Strawberries


Yes, they’re known to be full of antioxidants, but this delicious summer treat has much more to offer other than their amazing health benefits. Strawberries are one of the best ingredients this season for all of your natural D.I.Y beauty secrets. They’re considered a super-fruits because their packed with high amounts of folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and fiber, helping to restore dry skin and reverse signs of aging. Not only are these beauty-boosting fruits packed with biotin, which is vital for healthy nails and hair, but they’re are rich in the antioxidant ellagic acid, which increases the skins elasticity. Here are some ways to incorporate these delicious fruits into your next beauty D.I.Y recipes:

Eye De-Puffer: If it’s been a long day, use this to de-puff your tired looking eyes. Grab some strawberries and cut them in half, and then place them on your eyelids. After ten minutes, remove them and moisturize the face.

Anti-Aging Mask: Add the antioxidants found in strawberries onto your delicate skin which will help block any damage caused by free-radicals. To prepare this rejuvenating mask, start by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey, a few ripened strawberries, and 2 teaspoons of a facial cream. Apply a thin layer to the face and neck, allowing for it to work for 20 minutes.

Body Scrub: If you’re experiencing dry skin thats dull, adding a body scrub the next time you shower may do just the trick. Start by mashing 15 strawberries, adding a teaspoon and a half of sugar and a teaspoon of olive oil. Take a portion of this paste and add it to your body to leave your skin feel refreshed and restored.

Toner: To create this awesome exfoliating toner, extract the juice from a handful of strawberries and mix with 50 ml of rose water or witch hazel. The fruit contains AHAs which can discourage the signs of aging and reduce the onset of acne.

Teeth Whitener: To remove stains from your teeth and help whiten your pearly whites, rub the strawberry pulp directly on teeth to gently clean them. With repetition, you’ll see stains disappear.

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