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Disney Film “Inside Out” Review

disney's inside out

Everyone’s talking about Disney Pixar’s newest animated movie,“Inside Out.” This isn’t your average princess or robot movie, but it remains remarkably true of what scientists have found out regarding the mind, emotion and memory. This movie travels to one of the most mysterious places on earth: journeying to the mind of an eleven-year old girl. The film draws on psychological research, by traveling into the center of a little girl’s mind. This movie is really all about neuroscience, exploring the science of the emotions one would express.

The story focuses on one of the most poignant times in child’s lifetime. The main character, Riley goes through a troubling time when her family makes the move from a happy home in Minnesota to San Francisco. This unsettling experience takes a ride through the feelings during the years of adolescence. The majority of the movie is filmed inside the mind of Riley, and how she reacts to many different scenarios including, an argument with her parents, a rough day at school, a tough tryout. Viewers are given a ride inside the mind, viewing the control center managed by personified emotions, while getting to see the science of facial expressions channeled through the movie screen.

The filmmakers did a great job with the movie, nailing most of the scientific details. They also did a fantastic job portraying to the audience of what life is like being eleven years old. Inside of her mind, there are memories which get locked in when she’s sleeping, experiences are transformed into abstractions, and the subconscious is protected by guards.The emotions that are illustrated inside Riley’s mind, are personalized into characters including: joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. The many feelings of emotion she has and how they react differently operate from a control center inside her mind.

The secret behind the movie’s success, is not only the animation appearing lifelike, but the ability to reflect real, human emotions. The movie does a great job maintaining an upbeat tone, but one of the highest points, is it’s depiction of sadness. In many books and movies for kids, sadness is dismissed as being a negative emotion, given no important role. This movie sends a good message on the importance of sadness, because that alone, gives us great understanding of who we are.

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