Dangers Of Chicken Pox Parties


A Chickenpox party?  Really there are parties that are being thrown that contain kids with chicken pox and spread them to other children so they will be past the accidental chance of catching the disease.

Is this really a good idea?  Especially since there is a vaccine that can be given to your child to avoid Chickenpox in the first place?  If you decide that you want to take your child to a Chickenpox party, they are sure to walk out with having the virus because it’s highly contagious, and will spread quickly and in many ways.  Chickenpox can be spread through sneezes, coughs, as well as touch.  Because the infected child is mostly likely itching the infected area, they have fluid on their fingers that has the virus in it.  One touch, sneeze or cough and your child and any others at the party are now infected.

Why would you want to give your child Chickenpox on purpose?  Since in most cases, it’s a very mild virus that will be gone quickly anyway, you shouldn’t attend a party.  There may be a few cases where complications can arise, but setting your child up for this on purpose really seems like bad parenting all around.

After all, do you want to take a chance that your child may suffer from toxic shock syndrome, pneumonia, or encephalitis?  Those are only a few problems that could come up.  But since 1995, there has been a vaccine that can be given to your child to keep them from getting Chickenpox.  Doesn’t this seem like a much better idea?  Even if you don’t agree with shots, in most cases, it’s a better choice than to set your child up for getting the virus on purpose.

Another product available is a lollipop that you can buy which supposedly has the virus in it.  All you have to do is give this to your child and they will have chicken pox.  I don’t know how safe this sounds, was it manufactured in a lab?  Does it only contain this one virus?  Not a smart choice no matter how you look at it.

Instead, take your time, set up an appointment and get the vaccine for your child.  If you take them to the Chickenpox party, you just never know if you could be facing one of the complications above, or something worse.





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