Crying Baby: Reasons & Responses

When a baby cries

If you’re a new parent, or already a parent, you know that babies cry and there’s no getting around that. It’s how little babies communicate because they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Babies depend on their parents for everything and when they need something, they cry. There’s always a reason why a baby is crying, but finding out why, is a tough thing to predict. Their either hungry, wanting to be comforted, diaper is dirty, tummy hurts, or many other reasons. Over time, a parent will learn each cry has its distinct sounds, but in the beginning, it’s a guessing game.

newborn baby

When a baby is brought into this world, they are completely innocent and assume the responsibility onto their parent. As a parent, we try and do whatever necessary to respond to our child’s needs. If we do nothing, our baby can only assume that they’re unloved. They don’t have the brain capacity to understand that we read all too many articles on why we shouldn’t pick up a crying baby, or that were simply just inexperienced parents. No matter what, a child identifies the love we have for them by the love we give them.

ignore baby crying

Ignoring a baby, and letting them fend for themselves, leads them to develop all together different problems. If an adult is ever ignored, all together new feelings form and there’s no reason children or babies are any different. The response of being ignored loses hope in the child, leaving them with an immense amount of sadness.

carry baby closely

In the past, immediate responses from parents went unquestioned in society for thousands of years until recent times. In societies considered to be natural, and where the baby is carried closely for the first two months of the baby’s life, crying is lessened and rare. They tend to be self-sufficient sooner than that of a baby not receiving such care. This means that the baby becomes secure and loving when they grow older, and babies who have held resentment and anger, are said to be harmfully expressed later in life.

stressed with a baby

No matter what your decision is, remember that an immature person can only respond to stress in an immature way. Therefore, if an infant is denied their right for being comforted, they could respond by showing ineffective stimulation (thumb-sucking, head-banging, rhythmic rocking) and withdrawal from others later in life.

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