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Christmas Cookies Conundrum

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Choose Store Bought Cookies

At most houses during the holiday season there is a lot of attention placed on baking and decorating cookies each year.  From time to time there might not be enough time to get the baking done and this can make parents feel as though they have failed their children.  Instead of worrying about all of that there are some quick Christmas cookie ideas that will offer the ease of pre-bought, but the personalization of being hand decorated by one’s children.

This does not make one lazy or anything else.  In some cases it makes parents smarter and allows them to have an experience that they would not have otherwise had.  It means that the experience is still important even when there is not a lot of time to have that experience.

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During the holiday time there are a lot of special holiday themed cookies available in the store.  Choose a package of shortbread cookies that are going to be easy for the child to decorate.  This will make it fun for both the child and their parents who are able to get something taken care of with a lot less time than before.

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