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Is Your Child Eating Their Lunch?

school lunch

Ever since 2012, the U.S Department of Agriculture has been working on implementing new rules and changes to help kids to eat healthier. The National School Lunch Program feeds approximately 31 million of kids each day, but that doesn’t mean the kids are eating the lunches. The program strives to help each and every kid eat healthier by requiring to have at least one fruit or one vegetable in each meal from school. As it turns out, the rule isn’t helping children eat more fruits or veggies.

The study which was published online in journal of Public Health Reports examined nearly 1,500 lunches that were photographed both before and after lunch was executed.  Even though the students made a good decisions and selected the fruit or vegetable, they actually consumed slightly less of each. Researchers predicted that 56 more cups of fruit/vegetable were thrown away each day.

In the study, the children put fruits and veggies on their tray, but this didn’t mean that they actually ate it. The basic question wanting more exploration was if a child chooses a specific fruit or veggies, does this mean they will consume it ?

The study came about a couple months before Congress votes whether or not to reauthorize the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 founded by Michelle Obama. A recent poll found that 86 percent of Americans continue to support the standards that were required by the law.

Although further examination found that only 35 percent of the kids who put either fruits or veggies on their trays didn’t eat them, and instead were thrown in the garbage. Researchers then concluded that the fruit and vegetable requirement had no correlation with what the kids consumed. These guidelines currently were suggested to be enhanced so that kids made better decisions.

Other suggestions included serving dips with both fruit and vegetable options (peanut butter with apples, ranch dip with carrots), and then combining other healthy options as well. This means that healthy options should be offered as well as other slightly-less nutritious foods.

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