Chickenpox And What To Expect


Chickenpox looks worse than it may actually be, especially when your child is suffering from it.  You will have a child who will want to itch and scratch at the sores that are on their body, and it will be hard no matter how much they try to not at least itch a bit.  What all can you expect when your child is suffering from this virus though, and how can you help them ease their way through it?

The virus varicella zoster is what causes Chickenpox, and if your child has been around anyone who is infected, they will get it.  This is a highly contagious virus and one that can spread quickly and easily.  Even if the other child doesn’t know they are suffering from it, your child may come home and end up with the same problem.  There will be blisters or red rashes on your child’s body.  They are small and could be anywhere in the size range of an eraser on a pencil or even about the dime coin size.

At first before you even see the rashes, your child will seem like they have a cold.  With a cough, stuffy or runny nose, and even sneezing.  It won’t be until about a day or two later that the rashes will show.  Most of the time they will be found on the face or chest.  At times, it can even spread to the mouth or ears.

No one ever gets the same amount of pox on their body.  Some people will get them all over, while another person will only have a few.  Once the red bumps show up in about another day or two, they will look more like blisters and become cloudy looking, even crusting over.

Once this happens, it may seem like the end is near, but there could be more spots that show up on the body even at this point.  The time when the pox will usually stop showing up will be about day seven, in some cases you may luck out and they will stop after only day three.  Once all the blisters have scabs on them, the child will no longer be able to pass the virus on, but this will take anywhere from 10 to 14 days total.

To help with itching, you can try placing calamine lotion on your child’s skin.  Also try giving them a warm bath, it may help out.



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