Celebrity Families And Kids As Of Late


Celebrities can seem high and mighty to the rest of us.  However, when it gets down to it, many celebrities are more down to earth than you think.  Just take a look at these celebrity families and see that they’re just trying to run through the same obstacles in life that you are.


Some of the biggest stars are now producing their own little stars.  It’s as if it runs in the blood!  Take Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s offspring.  Not only are the parents in the action, but Jaden is only 15, and has already pulled in $8 million on his various projects.  Not bad for such a young man.  What about their daughter Willow?  She’s had a hit single and a few acting jobs.  This family is surely one of the top for a powerhouse family in the entertainment business.


When you think of celebrity families you can’t go long without thinking about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  Angelina comes from success, after all her father was Jon Voight.  He was huge, and Angelina seems in line with hitting more than the 80 roles her father starred in through his life.  Now the other side of the family is Brad Pitt, we all know he’s successful.  It will be interesting to see if any of the kids they’ve adopted will get into the business as they get older!


Another huge family that is full of celebrities are the Kardashians-Jenner’s.  With this family they all seem to have something going on, even Bruce who stars in the new Star Wars!  While they may not have as much in the bank as the Smith’s they are still going all the time.  With Kim now being Mrs. Kanye West you just never know where it will go for this family from here.  The kids are a bit too young to even know if they will adopt their same likes as their parents and go into show business or not, time will only tell.




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