Blind Woman Sees Her Newborn With New eSight Glasses


Just like any other pregnant soon to be mom, Kathy Beitz was anxious for the moment she would get to see her newborn child for the first time. However, unlike you or I, Kathy had to figure out how she would see her newborn’s first moments in the world. Why you ask?  Because Kathy has been legally blind since she was eleven years old due to a genetic condition called Stargardt disease.

Thankfully, with the help of the company eSight, Beitz wish came true. After finding the family didn’t have health insurance, the company gave her a pair of the $15,000 low-vision glasses so she could witness her baby’s big welcoming day. This makes her one of only 140 individuals who own a pair of the glasses, but with a price tag like that, I can definitely understand why.

The low-vision glasses work using the following components: a camera, LED display technology, and personal vision controls. These components work together to take an object the individual can barely see, and then brings the item into focus. However, since the device does rely on some vision and focus, the glasses won’t work for individuals who are completely blind.

To see their first moments together, check out the YouTube video uploaded by her sister Yvonne Felix.

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