The Best U.S Cities To Raise A Family

Top cities to raise a kid

If you’ve been pondering on where you will be raising your family, you may want to rethink after you see this. rated top U.S cities from all around the United States for raising children, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Cedar Rapids, Iowa were rated at the top.

The web-based company reviewed ten different cities across the country, and chose 13 different factors that made a city come close to number one. Whether it was the graduation rates, and scores on standardized tests, to the quality of air and poverty rates, these are what drives people to specific cities. Not surprising was the fact that the majority of these cities were in the north, with seven of the ten in the Midwest. Cedar Rapids, Iowa for example, won with a large margin because the poverty level is the fourth lowest rate in the country, and the level of the school rating is beyond excellent. Sioux Falls, South Dakota was close to the top because the city has such a low cost of living, making it a no brainer for families to move there. Huge states like California, Texas, and New York, neither of these made it remotely close. Here are the cities that did make it to the top ten:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Des Moines, Iowa

Lincoln, Nebraska

Rochester, Minnesota

Norwich, Connecticut

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Fargo, North Dakota

Appleton, Wisconsin

York, Pennsylvania

The decision of where to live takes much more than just seeing it on a national ranking system, given all the 13 different factors. Your family around you, great jobs, being close to the ones you love, the weather, and different cultural opportunities, may be just a few things to think about when thinking of the best city to live in. Even though you may have young children now, there will be a time when your children grow up and you’ll need to think about retiree friendliness and where that is, you may want to be.

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