Best Apps for Pregnancy

Best Apps for Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be quite an intimidating experience when you first find out you are expecting – especially if it’s unplanned. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  The best thing to do is educate yourself and surround yourself with other women who have been there and can share their experience with you. You can do this right from your smart phone. Here are some great apps you can use to get involved in some online communities, and learn about what to expect and how your little bun in the oven is growing.


  1. BabyCenter – My Pregnancy Today App


The BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today App has a day by day calendar that tracks how much your baby is growing each week with tips, fun facts, and a checklist of helpful things you can do for yourself. Even better than the calendar are the birth clubs. Birth clubs go by due date and are split up by month. For example, if your baby is due May 13th of 2015, your birth club will be “May 2015”. Your birth club will be full of other women who are due the same month as you and may be experiencing similar concerns, problems, and even joys as you are. Birth clubs have a continuous forum where you can post questions, stories, and photos for the other members to respond. But don’t stop at just your birth club. Make sure you check out the other groups under “Community” that might interest you like the Work at Home Moms group or Natural Birth group. Birth clubs and groups on BabyCenter can go a long way towards helping you feel confident about your pregnancy.

  1. Sprout

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Sprout uses some incredible full screen fetal development images to show you what your baby looks like as he or she grows and changes. The app accompanies these images with helpful information about baby’s development, like when they can sense movement and when their gender develops. You can also use the app to keep track of doctor’s appointments and notes, weight gain, and even contraction timing when your big day arrives.

  1. Fit Pregnancy

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Fit Pregnancy is actually a magazine, but they have a wonderful app that has a free downloadable registry guide you can use to get ideas and bookmark products you may want to put on your registry when planning your baby shower. You can also use this app to browse the wide collection of Fit Pregnancy issues. Each issue is filled with great articles and helpful tips for pregnant women and new moms.


So if you’re feeling a little nervous about your anticipated new addition to the family and the long journey ahead of you, rest easy and hop on these apps to get your questions answered and watch your confidence grow!


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