Baby yoga

The Many Benefits Of Baby Yoga

Baby yoga

Babies have been in the womb of their mother for nine whole months, and they’ve definitely experienced being rocked back and forth throughout their mother’s pregnancy. After giving birth, giving babies gentle touch and movement are the basis of synesthesia ( the integration of sensory experience through an emotional interaction for babies). Baby yoga is a wonderful and healthy way to provide recourses to handle a babies entire stage of development. If this practice is done carefully, and in a safe environment, they can acquire many benefits throughout their life.

Psychological Benefits

  • Having the joints relaxed is mutually beneficial for babies and mommy because this enhances the non-verbal communication between mother and baby. If your baby experienced an early birth trauma, this can be resolved and healed through yoga, during this loving interaction between the two of you.
  • Baby yoga increases the connection between baby and parent due to the involvement of active means of communication.
  • The active interaction with parents helps to build a foundation for the future and to increase positive relations over the early years and beyond.
  • When new challenges are introduced, babies are able to absorb and integrate their ability to cope with new situations.

Physical Benefits

  • In one session of baby yoga amounts to the physical activity if your little one was handled for a couple of hours. Getting involved in a daily routine can help get a good form of exercise.
  • When babies have started their practice of yoga, their sleep also has increased along with the quality of sleep.
  • Babies involved in the practice of yoga tend to have less “ups and downs,” and behavior is more settled.


Physiological/ Developmental Benefits

  • Baby yoga tends to reduce the frustration that babies may have due to the transition of one developmental stage to another. This practice helps to ease the stress with each new transition.
  • In this practice, a babies digestive and nervous systems are stimulated.
  • Baby yoga produces tactile stimulation which has been contributed to the development of brain and nervous system.



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